Using Beardoptima Beard template

1. Brush out your beard in order to detangle knots and prepare your beard up for Beardoptima.

2. Take the beardoptima device of your choice.
*** Notice, the beard shaving device is not just a flat template. It is engineered to embody the shape and the curvature of you facial structure.

3. Align your Beard device on your face starting from the corner of your mouth, along your cheek bone, up to your ear. If the device surpasses your ear, that is there for men with longer facial structure.
***Notice the measurement on the ruler at end of your ear and the corner of your mouth. You will need to use the same mark on the other side.

4. Apply some pressure to the device to close any gap in between the device and your face.

5. Take your Beard trimmer and trace it around the device.

6. Replicate the same instruction to the other side of your beard.
***Remember to use the ruler on both ends of the device to make sure you are aligning the device at exactly the same place as the other side. This bottom ruler is significant. It allows you to design your beard thick or thin and replicate the same measurement on both sides with maximum accuracy.